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Program Structure

Our program is structured around the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model in order to structure the development of youth athletes with tailored and age-appropriate training. Our junior sessions are shorter to avoid burnout and retain swimmers in the sport.


For further details on LTAD  

Development Squads

The FUNdamentals


The Dolphins program aims to help children aged 5 to 8 develop a passion for swimming as a sport and fitness activity. It serves as a bridge between the learn-to-swim and full swimming squads.


The program concentrates on enhancing the breaststroke technique by emphasizing proper timing. It also aims to improve the fitness level and technique needed to complete freestyle and backstroke over longer distances.


Our Dolphin Development Program is available from Monday to Saturday.


Swimmers attend  two swim sessions per week

(45 min session)

Backstroke start young boy.jpg
Bronze Squad_edited.jpg


Joining our Bronze squad is the first step towards becoming a competitive swimmer. Our experienced coaches will guide you in developing your stroke technique in all four strokes and teach you valuable training and racing skills. You will have the opportunity to attend three swim sessions per week to help you improve, grow and achieve your goals while still keeping the element of fun in these sessions. Catering for ages Eight to Nine years of age.

Three swim sessions per week

(45 Minutes per session)

Junior Competitive Squads

Learn To Train


Swimmers in the Silver squad are expected to have a basic knowledge of all four strokes, starts, turns, and finishes. They will also focus on developing their technique, speed, and aerobic fitness. Squad members in this squad are between 9 and 12 years of age.

Four swim sessions per week

(1.15hr sessions inc group core)

2021 Junior Backstroke Start_edited_edited.jpg
Nationals Backstroke swimmer.jpg


As members of the gold group, swimmers are constantly striving to enhance their technique, build their endurance, and increase their speed. With the goal of achieving Junior State qualifying times or advancing to the next level in their swimming journey, they are pushing themselves to new heights of excellence.

Five swim sessions per week

(1.25-1.5 hour sessions including group core)

Senior Competitive Squads

Train To Train


Aspiring performance swimmers know that swimming is a demanding sport that requires dedication and hard work. To excel in the pool, they must be proficient in all four strokes, starts, turns, and finishes, and have developed an impressive aerobic ability.


To reach their full potential, they must focus on continuous improvement and mastery of their sports skills. They should also aim to develop their aerobic system during a critical growth spurt to peak PHV (Peak Height Velocity) while consistently maintaining and consolidating their skill, speed, and flexibility.


With dedication and perseverance, performance swimmers can enhance their strength development, acquire the mental skills necessary to cope with competition, and regularly engage in monitored flexibility training. By doing so, they will be well on their way to achieving their goals and making a splash in the world of competitive swimming.

Six swim sessions per week

(1.5 to 2hr sessions)

+strength & conditioning + poolside core/circuits

Megan Larmour on the Starting Block
Sean Alcorn_edited.jpg


Our Introduction to Train to Compete Step of the LTAD Ladder. 

National swimmers work towards perfecting their skills and have usually achieved, or are working towards, Australian Age & Open qualifying timesheets. Swimmers will usually be on a Performance Pathway program.

Seven swim sessions per week (1.5 to 2hr sessions)

+ 2 strength & conditioning
+ poolside core/circuits/band session

Fitness Squad

We are pleased to announce that we now offer Fitness, Endurance, and Open Water Squads for swimmers who have a passion for swimming but cannot commit to our regular Squad due to their involvement in other sports. These squads are available to swimmers 13 and over.

Option 1: Per Month at 5 Sessions per week

Option 2: Per Session

Option 3: Ten Session Pass

The swimmer for this squad must demonstrate a skill and performance level equivalent to a gold squad swimmer. 

Squads: News & Updates
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