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Program Structure

Our program is structured around the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model in order to structure the development of youth athletes with tailored and age-appropriate training. Our junior sessions are shorter to avoid burnout and retain swimmers in the sport. 

Mini Dolphins

Mini Dolphins is a place to develop a love of swimming for sport and fitness. Swimmers will develop Breaststroke technique with correct timing and increase fitness and technique to complete Freestyle and Backstroke over longer distances.


Our Mini Dolphins train once a week and must be at 5-8 yrs old.

Currently 2 swim session per week (25 min session)

Backstroke start young boy.jpg
Younger swimmer close up_edited.jpg


Dolphins are novice swimmers who ready to start to extend their fitness and confidently complete multiple laps of each competitive stroke. Dolphins will continue to develop their skills redefining their breaststroke technique and will start to be introduced to butterfly and race starts. 


Our Dolphins train twice a week and must be at 5 to 8 yrs

2 swim sessions per week (45 minute sessions)


Bronze is our entry level squad for competitive swimming.

Our Bronze swimmers are developing stroke technique across all four strokes.  They have an understanding of training skills and baseline fundamental racing skills.

3 swim sessions per week (1-1.5hrs sessions including group core)

Bronze Squad_edited.jpg
2021 Junior Backstroke Start_edited_edited.jpg


Swimmers in Silver squad will be able to swim all 4 strokes and have a basic knowledge of starts, turns and finishes. They will develop technique, aerobic fitness and speed.

4 swim sessions per week (1.5hr sessions inc group core)


Gold swimmers continue to develop their technique, aerobic fitness and speed. Swimmers have achieved, or are aiming to achieve Jnr State qualifying times or want to progress in their swimming.

5 swim sessions per week (1.5-2 hour sessions)

inc. poolside core/ circuits sessions

Nationals Backstroke swimmer.jpg
Nationals Dive 2019 Mackenzi.jpg


Platinum squad is the pinnacle of our competitive section before moving into our performance squads. Platinum swimmers will gain excellent aerobic ability having finessed their technique throughout their training and will already have gained State qualifying times. 

6 swim sessions per week (1.5-2 hour sessions)

inc. poolside core/ circuits

Performance Potential

Performance Potential swimmers are skilled in all 4 strokes, starts, turns and finishes and have developed aerobic ability. Swimmers have achieved, or are working towards, National qualifying times. 

7 swim sessions per week (2hr sessions)

+strength & conditioning + poolside core/circuits

Megan Larmour on the Starting Block
Sean Alcorn_edited.jpg


National swimmers work towards perfecting their skills and have usually achieved, or are working towards, Australian Age & Open qualifying timesheets. Swimmers will usually be on a Performance Pathway program.

7 swim sessions per week (2hr sessions)

+ 2 strength & conditioning
+ poolside core/circuits/band session


Fitness Squad

We are pleased to announce that we now offer Fitness, Endurance, and Open Water Squads for swimmers who have a passion for swimming but are unable to commit to our regular Squad due to their involvement in other sports.  This is available to swimmers 13 and over.

Option 1: Per Month at 5 Sessions per week

Option 2: Per Session

Option 3: Ten Session Pass

The swimmer for this squad must demonstrate a skill and performance level equivalent to a gold squad swimmer. 

Squads: News & Updates
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