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Our Training Program

Peel Aquatic Club is an exceptional swimming club in Mandurah that serves the Peel Region. Our club is passionate about providing the best possible training environment for swimmers of all levels - from our Mini Dolphins grassroots program to our Performance Squads for national and international athletes, we are committed to excellence.

At Peel Aquatic Club, we follow the LTAD framework to ensure that our swimmers progress correctly and efficiently at key stages of their growth and development. We believe that our approach to training and development is what sets us apart and makes us the best choice for swimmers who want to reach their full potential.

Swimming is an excellent way to stay fit, meet new people and develop important life skills such as time management and organization. By joining Peel Aquatic Club, you will not only become part of a community of like-minded individuals but also benefit from lifelong friendships, improved fitness, and personal rewards as you achieve your goals.


So why not become a part of our swimming family today? 

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LTAD Model Explained

The Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model is a comprehensive framework that guides the participation, training, competition, and recovery pathways in sports and physical activity. The model consists of seven stages, catering to individuals' needs from infancy to adulthood.

Long-Term Athlete Development Stages

  1. Active Start

  2. FUNdamentals

  3. Learn to Train

  4. Train to Train

  5. Train to Compete

  6. Train to Win

  7. Active for Life

The LTAD model focuses on the participant's needs and individual development stages, providing a reference point for coaches, administrators, parents, and sports scientists. The model recognizes both participation and performance-oriented pathways in sport and physical activity, ensuring that the fun-based development of physical literacy is not compromised in the early years.

By providing developmentally appropriate training and competition programs at all ages, the LTAD model ensures that athletes can optimize their performance while increasing their participation. The first three stages of LTAD are particularly important for developing physical literacy, which is crucial for a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Peel Aquatic Swimming Training Program focuses on stages 2 through 4 of the LTAD model, ensuring that young swimmers can develop their skills safely and sustainably. By following the LTAD model, individuals can develop their physical abilities to their fullest potential, leading to a lifetime of healthy and enjoyable physical activity.

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