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Surf and Swim Synergy: Port Bouvard SLSC Members Have Access To Training at Peel Aquatic Club

Port Bouvard Surf Life Saving Club (PBSLSC) and Peel Aquatic Club (PAQ) are happy to announce a partnership to provide swimming training to PBSLSC Members.

Are you a member of the Port Bouvard Surf Life Saving Club (PBSLSC) looking to improve your swimming skills and techniques? Look no further than the Peel Aquatic Club (PAQ).

With PAQ, you'll have the opportunity to train and develop your swimming abilities across all four strokes. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to become the best swimmer you can be.

As a member of PBSLSC, if you want to join PAQ swimming squads, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Join PAQ as an Other Aquatic Sports Member by paying $5.15 as a swimmer and $5.15 as a parent for membership. You can do this through the Swim Central website:

2. Register on their PAQS website, where the primary membership should be filled with the parent's details and the secondary membership should be filled with the swimmer's information.

3. Choose "1. Parent or Swimmer over 18 (Required Membership) for Primary account holder" and "6. Other Aquatic Sports Two Week Trial (Trial OAS) for the swimmer." This will start your two-week free trial with PAQ.

Junior swimmers under 13 years old can join one of the junior training squads: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, based on their swimming abilities. Swimmers over 13 years old can join the Fitness Squad. PAQ also offers a swimming development program for children aged 5 to 8 years old, with the Mini and Dolphins program, to help them learn basic swimming skills.

4. Send proof of membership of PBSLSC to

5. Before the completion of your two-week free trial, you will need to purchase a 10x Fitness pass. Prices vary for passes depending on the age and skill level of the swimmer. You can check the PAQ website for pricing details:

Please Note: this membership does not classify you as a full member of PAQ or provide Competition Rights with Swimming WA

Please Note: this membership type does not classify you as a full member of PAQ, nor does it provide the swimmer with Competition Rights with Swimming WA.


We look forward to PBSLSC Nippers and Youth join us in training session in the near future. If you have any questions please contact us.




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